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Portal turrets

Portal turrets

Submitted By Tom Waterhouse (2DForever)


Portal Soundset for Adium. Voices are of the talking robot gun turrets.

Original sounds all belong to Valve and were recorded directly from Valve's Portal video game.


1.0: Initial release.
1.1: General quality updates:
  • Higher quality voice samples, ripped straight from Portal (Thanks to Ether)
  • Increased volume
  • Updated preview icon!

1.1.1: Fixed the missing sound 'turret_tipped_4.mp3' because I'm stupid and missed it out.


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# by eskander on 01/12/08 at 00:25:34

Sweet jebus this rocks! thanks

# by ether on 01/12/08 at 19:00:31

Cool concept, I love the turrets. I'd prefer a version that uses the original sound files rather than recordings from the game, but that's a matter of personal taste. Excellent work!

# by 2DForever on 01/13/08 at 09:51:36

For me it wasn't a matter of taste, I had no choice! They were recorded from the xbox 360 version, and I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to pulling apart a 360 game!

As for sound quality, I don't think they're too bad all things considered ;) Did a fair bit of adjusting to make them even.

Of course I would love to use the original sounds - if anyone has them available let me know!

# by ether on 01/13/08 at 19:50:20

Shot ya an email ;)

# by monkeyman767 on 01/22/08 at 02:11:17

Ha very nice, only one minor thing, you spelled the name wrong its turrets not turrrents right?

# by 2DForever on 01/22/08 at 19:46:14

Whoops! That was a typo, now corrected, thanks :)

# by EmeraldVee on 01/23/08 at 17:15:39

I'm making a note here, huge success.

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

# by repo2 on 01/27/08 at 04:26:46

The sound "turret_tipped_4" doesn't seem to work.
Maybe it's just me
Who knows

# by gormster on 03/03/08 at 01:37:06

Nope, doesn't work for me either.

# by 2DForever on 03/03/08 at 18:49:08

Sorry for the slow reply, it's now been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out guys :)

# by twfarley on 01/29/08 at 18:11:53

This could get old pretty quick, but I'm loving it right now! Good job!

# by gormster on 03/03/08 at 01:40:19

I'm mixing up my fav's from this one and the GLaDOS one. Got a whole Portal sound scheme going on.

# by vonKarma on 03/04/08 at 19:00:34

This... is... SO ... funny. I love it... hahahahahahaha

# by game_on on 04/07/08 at 18:00:13

Subconsciously, this freaked the crap out of me when I was sleeping.


Mute before sleeping.

# by MajorAnderson on 02/05/09 at 19:11:05

These rock. Thank you.

# by ilazria on 06/01/10 at 06:33:40

I love this! Thanks!

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3.80 / 109 votes
Current Version: 1.1.1
Last Updated: 03/03/08
Xtra created by Tom Waterhouse, Ripped sounds provided by Ether. Original sounds created by Valve.