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colr list style maker

colr list style maker

Submitted By Spencer Alves (impiaa)


This extra is a script that, given a query, takes colors from colr and creates an Adium Contact List theme. It's obviously not perfect, but it makes a good starting point for your own list themes. It also randomizes it's color choices, so you'll get a different style each time.
To use the script, launch Terminal (Applications/Utilities) and type "python " (with the space after), then drag and drop the script into the window. Then type in what you want the program to search for. It will then create the list theme in your user folder, named the same as the query.
This script will not work on 10.2 or earlier. If you have 10.2, then you can, if you want, download and install Python, then it will work.
I hope you like it!


  • 1.0 - Initial Release



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# by evands on 01/26/08 at 03:20:27

Neat :)

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