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Synthetic Frost

Synthetic Frost

Submitted By Brady Lee (SyntheticFrost)


Synthetic Frost is the 4th and final set in the "Synthetic" series. This set has been in the works since the very beginning of my interest in creating sounds for our favorite instant messenger.

It's been in the works, fought with, and scrapped many times over. But here, after nearly a whopping 6000 downloads of Synthetic Synths, 5000 downloads of Synthetic Bells, 4000 downloads of Organic Melodies, and a respectable 2000 downloads of Synthetic Myst...

Synthetic Frost blows onto the scene.

"The set that inspired my very name and the Myst that came before it, Synthetic Frost comes from a time in our lore which we've all but forgotten. A cold, icy behemoth of a glacier that has held it's secrets for a millennia. Was this tundra nature's response to the unnatural Myst? The only answers lay buried beneath the Frost."

Synthetic Frost is yet another elegant yet short and simple sound set designed with the idea of staying in the background. While straying just a little from the formula we're all used to, it keeps a soft melody reminiscent of crystalline chimes.

Once again, thank you all so very much for all the support you've given. Please if you would, leave your feedback so I may continue to improve these sets.



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# by mathuaerknedam on 03/30/08 at 00:26:26

All that work and only five sounds?

# by Adrian_232 on 06/15/09 at 08:55:44

Best initial message sound I've found yet! Buddy login/out sounds a bit odd and lengthy, but I keep those off anyway...

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