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Blasted Mechanism Sound Set

Blasted Mechanism Sound Set

Submitted By Paulo Bicudo (norblacknorgrey)


This is a sound set based on the music of the band Blasted Mechanism.

It features many uncommon instruments (like: didgeridoo, sitar, Bambuleco, Kalachakra).
And some of their truly original music style.

if you like the band, check my dock icon for them.



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# by norblacknorgrey on 04/21/08 at 09:36:01

please comment, any critics are welcome, i'm a beginner...

# by eskander on 08/20/08 at 17:51:21

some constructive criticism:
the sounds are too abrasive, they start and end to suddenly.
the sounds don't really give the sense of the activity that they are supposed to be representing. the only on that works is the error message where the dude says no, but then is cut off. great, really gives the effect of an error.
the sounds that aren't short are much too long. like the connection end disconnection sounds.

maybe it's the style of music, i don't know, i've never heard of the group before this, but it's too abrasive for me, needs some refining.

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2.45mb (361 downloads)

4.20 / 6 votes
Current Version: 0.5
Last Updated: 04/14/08
audio "crops" by P. Bicudo

sounds from Blasted Mechanism albums: Balayhashi, plasma, namaste, avatara, sound in light.