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Shakespearean Insult 3.0

Shakespearean Insult 3.0

Submitted By Niels Heidenreich (Schoschie)


This is another improvement to the Shakespearean Insult scripts/coding ideas by tim, lankybutmacho and Zeratul. Like its predecessors, this script generates a random Shakespearean Insult, like

Eat a crododile, thou ill-nurtured beetle-headed minnow!

To install, doubleclick ShakespeareanInsult3.AdiumScripts
To use, type /insult into the message window

In this version, the insult is put together from four random parts. There are 33, 59, 54 and 57 entries in each of the parts respectively, allowing for 5,992,866 different possible insults :)


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# by on 09/08/04 at 17:28:49

By far the best Version of the Insultscript! Thanks Schoschie!

# by Nater on 09/09/04 at 02:16:05

I think i might like 2.0 beter, cause its easier to slip into a conversation, with 3.0 i dont know hows its going to start, so i can't put it into a sentance of my choice. ex: with 2.0 i can say "How dare you insult me thou dankish dismal-dreaming clotpole" BUT with 3.0 if i tried that it would come out as "How dare you insult me Kiss my codpiece, thou unmuzzled reeling-ripe moldwarp!" its not quite as convienient, though i do like the greater variety.

# by Schoschie on 09/14/04 at 12:35:51

Nater, thx for the comment. I never thought of that. I should do another version where you can have 2 different invocations; one puts out the entire insult including the beginning part (before the comma) and the other would just output the part after the comma, to be used in a sentence. Yup. Just hang on while I fix this :)

PS. Thanks Rufus, thou ruttish hell-hated miscreant!

# by on 10/13/04 at 00:57:26

This is the coolest applescript ever. I laugh every time I see it!

# by on 02/01/05 at 18:05:33

This rocks!!!!!!! Funny!!!!! Love it.

# by sleepdancer on 10/11/05 at 00:41:53

Will someone PLEASE make a script that generates random family guy quotes?? That would be AWESOME.

I'll love you forever if you do it. =)

# by Schoschie on 05/29/08 at 07:32:25

Piece 'o cake! If you can supply me with the quotes :)

# by huwr on 01/03/06 at 23:03:37

Just downloaded it. I'm so excited. I can't wait to start insulting my friends!

# by theladysilver814 on 01/27/06 at 09:46:40

It so rocks. Now we can all insult each other old english style!

# by xtremepado on 05/29/08 at 02:07:08

I believe it's middle english lol

# by MyNameIsSam on 03/09/06 at 23:53:02

Well, I was talking to somebody I don't really like. I decided to pop in a /insult because he was badgering me for money I don't owe him. The script outputted the following:

I’ll see thee hang’d, thou wayward flap-mouthed hedge-pig!

He took it as a threat. I got beat by a group of 6 guys twice my size. Thanks. This script is awesome.

# by scrolls on 11/23/06 at 22:25:58

wow man thats sweet!!!!! i should try it!!

# by willmotta on 05/04/06 at 09:27:23

I can't get this one to work :( I've installed it and it says it's successful but when i type /insult it doesn't do anything. I've tried it twice. Please help.

# by Schoschie on 05/29/08 at 07:31:53

Umm, sorry, bit late... I had lost my password and then I don't look here often.
Do you have the latest version of Adium?

# by edsq on 01/13/07 at 17:58:17

man. everyone will bow down to me in a war of insults when i call them a lumpish crook-pated flea!

# by diegho on 07/09/07 at 20:18:02

hi, It'll be great one script for Cervantez Zaavedra, because in spanish shakespeare cant talk enough.. :-)

# by justavo on 01/06/08 at 14:14:34

You mean Cervantes Saavedra? ;)

# by aliazhar on 08/15/13 at 22:13:21

asad3 day potty training

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3.40 / 8 votes
Current Version: 3.0
Last Updated: 08/22/04
Original versions by tim, lankybutmacho and Zeratul. New word list from New code by Schoschie.