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Submitted By Raul Tovar (rtovars)


This is my first emoticon set for Adium (I liked CrazyRabbit so much I even have these emoticons at the office).
I wanted to give credit to the author but I couldn't find any names or copyright info. I got these CrazyRabbit icons from

If you know who's the author please let me know so I can ask his/her permission to post these icons. Enjoy!



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# by evands on 06/30/08 at 03:24:10

This set would look better in many configurations if the images had transparent instead of white backgrounds.

# by xiphi on 07/05/08 at 14:59:26
It's the author's website. (in Chinese)
You could contact with the author via (about any work on this avatar)

BTW, I like this Xtras, thx!

# by rtovars on 07/07/08 at 23:27:55

Thanks a lot for the info xiphi!

I named this avatar "CrazyRabbit" because that's how we named it at work, but now I know its real name is Tuzki.

I'm glad you liked the Xtras! =)


# by enkuturi-akrias on 07/08/08 at 15:38:19

This rabbit ROCKS! thanks :D

# by rtovars on 07/09/08 at 00:03:56

Hey enkuturi-akrias!
Thanks a lot for the nice comments!
I hope to get an answer from the author anytime soon. Hopefully she'll agree to have her work posted here!


# by rise2sun on 10/18/08 at 23:49:19

It is named Tuski.

So popular that starred in MOTO ads.

# by toma13 on 01/21/09 at 16:35:40

Hey !
Thanks those are really cool but when I use them, the personn I am chatting with doesn't see them..Is it normal ?

# by rtovars on 02/14/09 at 03:07:59

Sorry for the late answer, but I've been really busy at work and I haven't had time to go through my mail.
I guess the emoticon set must be installed in both computers so the two of you can see the images. Please try to install the emoticons in the other computer and try again. Please let me know if this works! Thanks for the message!


# by dcentity2000 on 03/14/09 at 16:57:26

Original and sweet!

# by rtovars on 04/04/09 at 18:26:30

Hi dcentity2000!

Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you liked this emoticon set, although I think Tuzki's creator deserves all the credit. Enjoy!


# by ni9htelf on 04/29/09 at 07:44:45


# by dandan on 06/23/10 at 04:39:44

hey guys, I love this rabbit too. something I want to ask you, hope somebody could kindly help.

I installed these motions, and I can see it, but I send it to friends, they can only see the code. Is it I installed wrong or something else isnot right?

Please help me. Thank you thank you thank you very much in advance!

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