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Leopard Side Dock

Leopard Side Dock

Submitted By Dan (anotheradiumfan)


On one side of my screen I have my Leopard dock (darker, more HUD like one) and on the other my Adium contact list. I wanted something that would really blend in, like the dock does, but couldn't find much.

Then I thought, "That's it! I'll make it the dock!" It looks great with any set up, even those that use bottom docks. For the most dock-like behavior, go to advanced settings, contact list, tell it to hide on screen edges (if you have auto hiding on your dock) and stay above all windows. It features no names, no header, just the buddy avatars acting like icons, like in the real dock. Because of this, you should go into Adium's advanced settings, and under Contact List, make sure tool tips are on.

This is the first version, and it needs a lot of work. I'm currently looking for status icons that look like the glowing dots signifying a running app. This would be used to show online buddies. Also, the white border is needed. Any idea how to do that? This is my first extra, and help would be very appreciated.

1. Close up on the contact list, placed on the right.
2. Close up of bottom of list next to bottom placed dock
3. List next to it's inspiration.

You can tell from the pictures it needs work. Please give suggestions on how this can be improved and how it's problems can be solved!


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# by theadamkramer on 07/03/08 at 05:25:13

mine still has names next to it :-/

am i doing something wrong?

# by theadamkramer on 07/03/08 at 05:35:44

nevermind i'm sorry i forgot to set the other style to leopard side dock as well :-[


# by PipSqueak on 07/13/08 at 01:19:00

Best one I've come across after scrolling through 15 pages on adium's contact list Xtra so far :) Very nice!

# by anotheradiumfan on 07/20/08 at 00:44:15

thanks! do you have any suggestions for improvement?

# by jopari on 07/17/08 at 12:51:18

Re: status icons:

I copy and pasted "indicator_medium_simple.png"from System/Library/CoreServices/ and then edited the hue with the GIMP. I'd upload them, but I'm fairly sure that the Adium team frowns upon uploading someone else's work.

That said, if anyone would like me to send them the .AdiumStatusIcons, you can send a request to jopari13 at Google's email service.

# by baRRy on 08/06/08 at 08:12:37

v nice. You wanted a lego dock icon >


# by tompratt0 on 09/08/08 at 10:38:49

Very nice. One improvement would be (if possible) when you hover over the pics the name appears. I am doubting to myself whether this is possible or not, if it is, this would be perfect.

# by anotheradiumfan on 09/08/08 at 13:42:23

While this is not possible specifically as a part of the extra, is you go to Adium > Preferences > Advanced > Contact List, make sure "Show contact information tooltips" is selected. It's not as immediate or as slick as in the dock, but it's an alright work around.

# by tompratt0 on 09/09/08 at 05:02:34

Ok then. I thought not, but it was worth asking, thanks for this, love it.

# by LiLife on 10/13/08 at 22:57:41

Hello! Wonderful job! One thing i noticed was that, the rounded edges only appeared if I had another person in a group. (On top that is) It would be much better if rounded edged were on both sides.

# by anotheradiumfan on 10/13/08 at 23:20:16

I totally agree. But that's just the way Adium displays the contact list. I could make the group name something other than completely transparent, but then you'd have an empty space on top and I didn't think it looked as good as nothing at all.

# by dlusion on 12/30/08 at 19:38:25

this is cool, i made a new group for the ppl i talk to the most and just have that on the left side of my screen, having al the other groups hidden, which i can access manually, or through the menu bar adium icon.

only bad thing is that i cant search from the contact list, which makes it hard to send an offline to someone that is, well, offline.

# by dlusion on 12/30/08 at 19:40:55

one more thing, it could be cool if you could hide the scroll bars, incase you have alot of ppl online, thats the reason i made a new group for ppl i talk to the most, scrollbars give the dock feeling away

# by anotheradiumfan on 12/31/08 at 02:29:37

You'll notice I only have one Xtra out. That is because I don't know much about creating Xtras. I (don't think it's possible/know how) to do that. Sorry!!

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