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Gold Sphere

Gold Sphere

Submitted By Jeremy Odetopenguins784 (Odetopenguins784)


Gold Sphere Dock Icon, hope you like it.


Alrighty then, First off The Alert is a lighter blue now. Second, I removed that disgusting away sign *I hated it*. I added an away flag more of. I think its better, what are your opinions? There is no longer an Idle because I thought it not necessary, since if your idle your probably not at your comp to look at the icon :P. So here it is. Please comment and I hope you like it.



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# by seawitchipa on 07/06/08 at 20:37:02

This is absolutely beautiful. A perfect addition to my desktop.

# by dcentity2000 on 07/09/08 at 17:45:08

Absolutely gorgeous! Deserves to be the official icon of SOMETHING :)

# by Rhazya on 09/15/08 at 11:30:44

Actually, an idle would be nice.. say you are watching something that isn't fullscreen and you've forgotten to keep Adium active.. people will think you are away from your computer when you actually aren't. (One example.)

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