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iPhone SMS - Status Icons

iPhone SMS - Status Icons

Submitted By Aqueous


I created these status icons for my iPhone SMS message style. There is another set of icons like mine, but I created mine from scratch and they include more colors for different statuses. I decided to release these as a standalone submission for anyone that likes them, but don't want to use the iPhone SMS message style.

Please feel free to provide feedback.


Available icon now shows in the contact list.

Initial Release



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# by DBrenz on 10/05/08 at 22:20:34

This would be great if all the colors worked! Not even the "available" status icons show up, just the "Idle" icons work. Very classy but majorly flawed.

# by Aqueous on 10/05/08 at 22:26:55

I made the "Available" status icon only appear on the tabs. I did this because it makes it easier to tell who is idle, away, on their mobile, etc. It's not majorly flawed, I figured it would be easier on the eyes.

# by masterjedidan on 12/29/08 at 22:20:00

If you want the "available" icons to show up in the contact list, then download the icons, right-click the "iPhoneSMS.AdiumStatusIcons" file, and click "Show Package Contents." Open the "Icons.plist" file with a text editor, and change line 12 from "" to "available.png".

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