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Submitted By Jonathan Nelson (phossie)


Distinct but unobtrusive sounds from very small bits of metal and wood. Originally part of the Improbable Orchestra v1. v0.2: less raw.


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# by on 05/14/04 at 16:59:30

I rated it a three because I like the sound but it needs to be edited better. fade it out and get rid of the static.

# by on 05/15/04 at 15:53:10

v0.2: Envelopes & noise reduction. (That was the sound of muffled G4 in v0.1.) Thanks for the feedback! :)

# by on 05/20/04 at 05:13:47

Awesome! This is my favorite sound set on the site that I've found so far. Very cool sounds.

# by on 07/11/04 at 23:31:20

i absolutely love this sound set. i can't imagine using "regular" sounds.
keep up the good work!

# by ji eun on 07/18/04 at 08:28:26

my regular soundset now for the past couple of months. thanks so much. wonderful indeed.

# by Ringo on 07/18/04 at 22:56:41

This replaced my own soundset. I love it!

# by on 08/26/04 at 14:20:32

thanks all for the comments! i really appreciate it. (as always, harsh criticism is welcome too.) perhaps more in the next few months - must move, must build things.

# by nanovivid on 10/04/04 at 01:52:35

best. sounds. ever.

# by on 10/18/04 at 16:24:22

really nice... reminds me of Sigur Ros (BaBaTiKiDiDo)

# by xlax999999 on 05/01/06 at 01:41:09

best sound set.

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3.50 / 213 votes
Current Version: 0.2
Last Updated: 05/15/04
Jonathan Nelson