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Mini LEDs

Mini LEDs

Submitted By Chris I. (metaphysical)


A set of status icons, inspired by that new Windows Live beta thing.


Version 1.1 - Fixed things that were bothering me. Added an extra version with abbreviated drop shadows.
Version 1 - First release



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# by peelman on 10/04/08 at 01:09:55

VERY nicely done, though the shadows seem to be a little over embellished. maybe tone them down some for the next revision? Its great to finally have something worth of replacing Stockholm with!

# by metaphysical on 10/07/08 at 23:29:12

Thanks for the feedback. I've gone and added a second version to the download addressing this request. Check it out.

# by peelman on 10/08/08 at 01:38:09

Subtle difference, but much better. the heavier shadow might go better witha darker theme, but with my lighter theme it works better with the lighter one.

# by dcentity2000 on 10/10/08 at 18:10:51


# by enkuturi-akrias on 10/24/08 at 15:32:26

very good! thanks a lot : 3

# by Crystalmyst on 10/29/09 at 23:57:24

Fantastic set of icons! Really lightens up my contact list without going over the top.
I disagree with Peelman, as with my light theme (Off-white in the background, with three or four different versions of cyan at 50% opacity), it shows it off fantastically!

In fact, I've actually disabled user icons, just because your icons are prettier :D


# by metaphysical on 10/29/09 at 23:58:38

Thanks for the kind words :]

# by arnie on 12/07/09 at 03:23:38

Amazing Job! I was wondering if you had any more improved updates to this amazing status icon? :) Thanks for releasing it to the adium community :D You rock!

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