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The Flash Adiumy

The Flash Adiumy

Submitted By mwdigian


The Flash Adiumy - Adiumy Superhero Dock Icon

Thumbnails below are in the following order:
  • The Flash Adiumy
    • Application Icon
    • Awake
    • Animation 1 of alert
    • Animation 2 of alert
    • Offline
    • Idle
    • Invisible
    • Animation 1 of alert - Invisible
    • Animation 2 of alert - Invisible
    • Away

Please leave feedback; I am open to comments.


1.0 - The beginning
1.1 - Added Green feathered Adiumy (along with the original Featherless version) to zip
1.1.1 - Fixed shading on head
1.2 - Fixed small pixel marks in bottom corner, changed Away Icon to better image, and added Application Icon
1.2.1 - Decided to remove "Featherless version" and also changed eyes to "Adiumy style"
1.2.2 - Renamed file to "The Flash"
2.0 - Used the Original Adiumy as the base model for 2.0 to get the 3D effect + Blend better with other Mac application icons
2.1 - Fixed the problem of invisible and invisible alerts not actually appearing when selected/alerted in Flash 2.0
2.1.1 - Removed The Flash 1.0 and renamed Icon to The Flash Adiumy
2.1.2 - Oops, fixed a typo in the icon's name when in the preferences menu


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671.85kb (624 downloads)

3.90 / 11 votes
Current Version: 2.1.2
Last Updated: 02/11/09
Adam Betts (original Adiumy)