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Old phone

Old phone

Submitted By Damiaan (kiske)


A very old phone in 3D
uncheck "show contacts with unviewed messages"
Soundset comming soon!



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# by Crazycole2001 on 09/17/04 at 20:31:08

this is one of the most origional designs i have seen yet, I love it, Bravo.

# by BlueRevolution on 09/17/04 at 21:15:52

schweet. not sure about that offline thing, tho I can't think of anything better at the moment...

# by Broots on 11/03/04 at 13:19:59

you should have made a unplugged cable hanging for the offline one, otherwise it's fabulous ;)

# by biglittledragoon on 03/09/05 at 12:07:56

It's really a best! Works great with my Xtra: (sorry for this advertising, but it's true.....).

# by on 06/28/05 at 21:33:43

this is a really aesthetically pleasing dock icon. you rock the hizzouse!

# by soniemeow on 04/07/06 at 03:58:38

this is amazing
love it

# by Wolfsoap on 07/16/06 at 06:39:22

Deal or No Deal?

# by neevous on 11/10/06 at 17:10:12

Geat job!

# by nicolaluna on 04/09/07 at 01:07:41

hello there. my phone appears invisible when i first turn on my computer. is there any way to change the applications icon so that doesn't happen? (i can't seem to find any accessible images of the phone anywhere to do it the usual way.) thanks!

# by dementia on 09/04/07 at 11:40:40

I love this!

# by celticmagick on 12/13/09 at 06:06:23

I really love this icon, one of my favorites here. However, I have noticed that I can't get it to work on my machine running Snow Leopard. I've logged out and back in and it still didn't show up. Any insight on this?

Also, I was wondering if it were possible to make a version with silver trim instead of the gold? The silver would really compliment my current icon set and background image!

Great job!

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3D images made by Romuald