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Stargate 3D

Stargate 3D

Submitted By Denver (deej5871)


Another Stargate icon. This time, rendered in 3D.

1.1: Made message alert more visible by having wormhole flash on and off (by Matt)

1.2: Improved Iris as requested.



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# by infinity on 09/19/04 at 16:25:49

Very cool! It would be even cooler though if you did something else for when you receive a message. Maybe make the event horizon shimmer or something.

# by on 09/19/04 at 18:14:33

Or you could have someone come through the puddle when a message was received.

# by on 09/20/04 at 06:22:28

I like the new ring but it needs to be darker to contrast with the event horizon, that and the iris needs to be much more well defined.

# by on 09/20/04 at 12:31:00

Brilliant work!!

# by deej5871 on 09/21/04 at 00:55:48

About a new iris.. I might be able to do that sometime in the future, but I modeled that part myself and, being an amateur, this is the best I could get it.

As for making the event horizon shimmer.. I also did that myself (it's basically all texture, no modeling), and if I had any idea how to do that realistically, I would. But as of right now, that is far beyond my skills.

# by on 09/21/04 at 01:41:40

First off, great work. I love the icons and am using them now. But, correct me if I am wrong, doesn't the stargate only have 8 chevron locking triangles?

# by FortranDragon on 09/21/04 at 14:49:08

The gates have _nine_ chevrons. The show has only used eight chevrons twice (normal usage is seven chevrons). What the ninth chevron does is still unknown. :)

# by ccsgraphic on 01/25/08 at 18:44:57

*Wiggles in anticipation*

# by gtrnismo13 on 09/22/04 at 17:22:56

ninth chevron is for dialing very far off worlds, like atlantis :D

# by deej5871 on 09/22/04 at 22:20:26

Eighth chevron is for atlantis and such. The ninth hasn't been used yet, as FortranDragon pointed out.

# by Morrisob on 10/04/04 at 19:27:14

I realy love this new icon set... but what program did you use to make it? I'm curious because I may be able to help out a bit with the Iris definition and the making the event horizon shimmer etc. Other than that... you rule!

# by deej5871 on 10/05/04 at 19:29:35

The 3D program I used was Cinema 4D. What I had originally tried to do was make the different pieces of the Iris by following a ref image (which was a screenshot from the DVD's) and making the pieces myself. That is how I got the back part of it, but it was much more tedious work for the middle part that pops out; so after some trouble there I decided I would use a matrix extrude (on some primitive, I forget which one) and use that, which worked out fine (although it wasn't as good as I wanted) since the final image was only going to be 128x128.

I think the main problem with Iris definition that everyone keeps mentioning is my textures.. I was going to use the real texture (from the previously mentioned screenshot) but that didn't work out too well. And while I'm an amateur at 3D, I'm even worse at texturing. The problem with changing the textures is that while it might make the back look better, it may make my shortcut on the centerpiece much more noticeable. I'll have a look tonight at some of this stuff.

Morrisob, I might IM you sometime. If you are using C4D and think you can help, send me an email.

# by KnifeLord on 02/21/05 at 04:35:55

What about making the gate dile to the eight chevron and lock when you add a new sn... or something similar?

# by deej5871 on 02/27/05 at 23:17:54

Sorry KnifeLord, I don't think there'll be any updates anytime soon. I've been having some major computer problems lately and I lost a lot of my stuff. Although I do still have the files related to this backed up, I can't do anything until I get my computer issues resolved. Sorry.

# by on 04/09/05 at 02:40:04

Try making it have that "wave thing" come out when a message is sent. You know, when a wormhole is established, and there is a big wave thing that extends some 15 feet out, try making it do that. I love stargate and Adium, so this combines them...

# by Exprice on 07/09/07 at 05:20:16

You're talking about the "Kawoosh". I would like to see this too! I think the kawoosh is the coolest damned thing ever to exist on that show (save a few other Azgard and or other pieces of technology…)

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