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Emoji Pack

Emoji Pack

Submitted By aquadood


Compatibility pack to display Emoji icons from iPhone messages inside of Adium. This also allows the use of the icons from the drop down menu, though it is a bit of a mess. The primary purpose of this pack is for sending and receiving Emoji with iPhone users that have BeeJive, or any other of the IM apps from the AppStore. Sending of Emoji on the iphone requires 2.2 firmware or above, and the jailbreak+Emoji addon. Viewing on the iPhone only requires 2.2 firmware or above.

Why did I create this pack?
I was tired of getting funky characters from my friends in AIM, and not knowing what it was. By creating this pack, it maps the extended charset used to the correct Emoji icon, so now I know what they are sending me.

This pack seems useless, what is the point?
This pack is meant to supplement whatever emoticon pack you are currently using. Do not use this as a primary pack. Once installed, goto Adium Preferences, Appearance tab, click customize beside emoticons, and check the Emoji iPhone set, along with whatever pack you were using before.

This contains 471 icons.

Note: AOL strips extended characters out of their AIM to TXT service.


0.1 - Initial Release



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# by philzor on 02/10/14 at 23:35:30

This is fantastic, now I can finally view iPhone originated emoji in my Adium chat windows. Great job and thank you for developing this aquadood.

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4.00 / 25 votes
Current Version: 0.1
Last Updated: 11/25/08
Apple for completing the Emoji set.