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Monkey Icons: REFINED!

Monkey Icons: REFINED!

Submitted By Natasha Lee (CodeTaco)


I HAVE MADE MY VERY 1st XTRA... SORTA :D Well Takeo did pretty much all the work but i wasn't happy... the codes to activate each icon happened to be to long and my PC friends are like WTF when i send them monkeyangrrry, so i re-did the plist :D WOOT

Comments Are Welcome :D

***YOU KNOW IT TOOK ME THE LONGEST TIME TO GET A SCREEN SHOT together... BUT IT DIDNT WORK OUT... ill post pics another time.


Well, there was a techinical error and Shelby fixed it for me :) so it should work now if you couldnt get it to work before :) and i short me adding for soon :D



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# by CodeTaco on 12/14/08 at 01:42:04

Uhhh Technical Difficulties ! and i made em :-

# by CodeTaco on 12/14/08 at 02:31:12

Fixed !


# by smunsch on 12/14/08 at 02:48:41

You're welcome :D

# by takeo on 03/25/10 at 16:34:37

@Natasha Lee
yeah, you might be right my "activation codes" are quite long... but when it comes up to changing them it's a pretty bad idea, because Adium interprets them. This means, if I change them now, all people who go the sets installed, not updating, won't see those emoticons any longer ;(

Well, nevermind, thx for mentioning me and hope you had fun :D

# by takeo on 03/27/11 at 19:24:33

haha, I have to agree, my "shortcuts" were too long in some meaning... well, thx for mentioning me ;)

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Shelby for helping me fix my error (yesh this is the SAME Shelby ;))

Shelby for telling me how to make a .zip

Takeo for doing the work :D

and um creator of monkeys... and the monkey icons :D