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Metal Gear Solid - Solid Snake Adiumy

Metal Gear Solid - Solid Snake Adiumy

Submitted By mittenhead107


Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAAAAAKEEE!!!! Solid Snake has never looked so good. Look for periodic updates (different colors and a mgs4 version complete with octocamo).



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# by Vigilent24 on 01/07/09 at 20:27:27

Amazing, gotta love solid snake, but he seems kind of small on my dock, would it be possible to make him just a little larger like the default adiumy.

Now all I need is a Master Chief Adiumy and Im good to go.

# by infinity on 01/31/09 at 01:40:07

There already is a master chief adium.

# by Aitikin on 01/25/09 at 00:28:33

Two things, I kind of agree with Vigilent in that it seems small, but it may just e that it's set lower. The other thing is why this got a 4 from me instead of a 5. The alert status should flash the exclamation mark about every other time the duck bounces and the idle, while be a good idea, could stand to have a little more prominence to the Zs.

Good stuff though.

# by liq456 on 01/31/09 at 17:31:22

sweet do old snake too please.

# by Naxyr on 04/06/09 at 05:39:00

Hello. Excelent Icon set but can you please make it the same size as the normal adium icons. I have an imac so compared to all other icons this one's a midget. thanks a lot for the icon anyway.Keep it real.

# by rezzo on 06/22/09 at 21:25:48

OMG! Awesome icons.

Only one thing to make this perfect... please a fix version with icons in the standard size.

# by taylor519 on 04/03/13 at 19:13:59

nice Icons. duck duck duck

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