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Define It

Define It

Submitted By Jack Gill (jack)


This script parses the pages and spits out the first definition for a word.
Also provides a direct link to the definition page just in case the parsing doesn't work.

Version 2.1 will give suggestions for typos. For example:
will return "Did you mean regurgitate?"

Version 2.5 is heavily commented, and uses more shell scripts for speed's sake.

Version 3.0 introduces 'Synonomize,' for
Usage: /syno{word}

Note: If you have the "dictionarium" script installed, you will either need to edit the keyword for "dictionarium" or "define it" or else the synonym script won't work


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# by lankybutmacho on 09/26/04 at 18:16:37

Good work, this is really handy!

# by on 09/27/04 at 19:21:02

umm, what's the trigger?

# by jack on 09/27/04 at 20:33:11


# by mnkeybsness on 09/27/04 at 20:42:46

this doesn't seem to be working for me. i just get the word that i wanted defined sent out

# by jack on 09/27/04 at 23:51:42

Ok..What did exactly did you type and what did you get?

# by chris on 09/29/04 at 00:55:12

yeh i cant figure out the syntax either... i've tried /define word /defineword /define(word) /define (word)

# by chris on 09/29/04 at 01:37:52

Erm... yeh we're both stupid. You have to use brackets, not parens... they looks similar with the small font used on this site.

# by jack on 09/29/04 at 10:47:01

Yeah, it's curly brackets with no space.

# by on 10/06/04 at 03:47:47

Great! But could you also add the pronounciations?

# by on 10/14/04 at 02:38:43

If you right click on a misspelled word, you should get a context menu with other spelling suggestions at the top. Cool script though for people looking for more.

# by Reikon on 10/27/04 at 16:45:06

Insanely awesome script.

# by on 11/04/04 at 00:14:24

Great script. I am trying to figure out how this was built because I would love to build one that could be used for FOLDOC (I find myself querying computer terms quite frequently). Does this require the definition source to be running a specific protocol?

# by on 11/30/04 at 01:31:28

I guess it's just me, but when I use the script it makes audium freeze up.

# by jack on 12/03/04 at 03:03:01

Older versions of Adium had some problem with applescripts. Are you using the latest?

# by on 01/07/05 at 20:56:29

Gotta love this.. I have a chat buddy whose spelling and knowledge of words is woeful (he thinks he's a walking dictionary!). This will fix his little wagon. Thanks, Jack :)

# by on 05/04/05 at 01:11:18

I noticed that in the new updated version the define it extra doesn't work for many words. As long as it's a nice simple word like cheese or statement it's fine, but apropos or more complex vocabulary often return the "no definition found" message whereas the last version was able to return definitions for these same words.

# by jack on 05/04/05 at 01:16:16

the adium update shouldn't affect it - if anything, it's changes in pages. Tell me some examples of broken words and I'll look into it.

# by jack on 05/04/05 at 01:17:03

sorry, didn't see you had given me apropos, lemme check it out.

# by on 06/29/05 at 02:42:20

Cool script, though it's much easier to press: "control + command + d" hovering the mouse over the word.

# by on 07/10/05 at 21:29:04

it says "no definition for (word) found" no matter what word i use.

# by karina on 08/05/05 at 14:06:53

same happens to me

# by guth19 on 11/08/05 at 11:57:15

same happens to me, is there a fix for this?

# by mMmApples on 11/15/05 at 13:09:15

contemporaneous, nor inconsequential work

# by google636 on 02/21/06 at 22:22:44

i'm also having the problem. I've had the problem from the beginning (a few months ago)

# by CrazyInLoveAdium on 10/18/07 at 13:29:47

Sign does not work all I get is "Definition for human:
Premium Content |" Removing script now......

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