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Submitted By Kenya Johns (Kenya)


Try Powerthirst! Only for those who want gratuitous amounts of quotes from this YouTube hit. Contains over 30 clips (in bundle), including:
"400 BABIES!" "You'll win at everything forever!" "Side effects include glowing sweat." "It's like crystal meth in a can." "We interrupt this advertisement to BLOW YOUR MIND" "KENYANS!" "SPORTS!" "Juice Springsteen" "Hump-catting" "Bear-blasting" "You'll feel like a fighter jet made of biceps" "SCIENCE! ENERGY! SCIENCE! ENERGY!" "KENYAAAAA!" "Menergy!" "Preposterone" "Slowwwww Dowwwwn" "Snake eyessss!" "You'll be too energetic for normal sports" "Turbopuns" "GUN!!!" "More lights than your body has room for" "UNACCEPTABLE" and, of course, that "AAAAAAH!" sound.
Of course, not all of these are assigned to specific events; some are in the file if you want to move a few around. (To access the unused clips, Ctrl+click the downloaded soundset and click "Show Package Contents.")

I've never made one of these before, so I hope it doesn't fail and people enjoy it. And, yes, it can get pretty annoying, especially if your friends (like mine) log in and out rapidly for no good reason. But Powerthirst needed to be done, and i'm pretty proud of it.
Love, Kenya

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Last Updated: 02/27/09
I didn't make Powerthirst. I believe both belong to College Humor. Also, I looked at Steve Major's "Star Wars" package in order to see how to design mine.