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RECORD Status Icons

RECORD Status Icons

Submitted By Kim (scorpion919)


A set of glowing Icons.


02/25/10 1.1: added mobile icons
03/05/10 1.2: updated mobile icons



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# by dcentity2000 on 06/16/09 at 13:22:57

I honestly love these :)

# by scorpion919 on 06/16/09 at 16:17:39

thanks! =)

# by djmurphix on 02/25/10 at 03:26:55

would it a concideration or just a modification or an addition, for a mobile icon? like the cell phone icon? i use these icons as i type but sometimes dont know if the person is mobile. thanks anyways.

# by scorpion919 on 02/25/10 at 22:21:03

added them (blue)

# by djmurphix on 03/06/10 at 00:39:59

i know it may seem im probably the only one using these icons but there just great lol and i notice this when i switch it with a different set. you said you added mobile it just so happens when others go mobile it still shows green(online) was wondering if its my laptop or just a little mod i can do myself(if i knew how)

# by djmurphix on 03/06/10 at 00:40:57 (i posted a screenshot to see what im talking about) thanks anyways.

# by scorpion919 on 03/06/10 at 00:44:27

could you send me a link to a status icon set that has mobile icons? i'll look into them to see which string name i have to use

# by djmurphix on 03/06/10 at 01:55:47

# by scorpion919 on 03/06/10 at 02:05:19

thx. changed it, may take some time until it's approved but should work then

# by djmurphix on 03/07/10 at 10:49:57

alright we looking good. i know it seems im just buggin the sh** outta you lol but its just i like these there great just wondering one more mod or addition watever you wanna call it, is an invisible option. i dont know if its just me but when i go invisible it shows the bright green was wondering if it can either be brighten lower or just an faded black you kind of have a an idea of what im saying? if so thanks and if not let me know so i can be more explanatory. thanks anyways. keep it up you doin a GREAT job.

# by scorpion919 on 03/07/10 at 13:55:51

there is an invisible one, it has a bit lower opacity

# by jobbogamer1 on 03/08/10 at 01:01:38

I agree with djmurphix, the invisible one should be more different to the available one - I can't tell the difference very easily.

Absolutely amazing otherwise!

# by m3hrdad on 07/21/15 at 13:22:58


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