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Submitted By Josh Crang (Szilard)


Based on PurePlastics with gradient headers and full size MSN and Yahoo buddy icons (96x96).


VERSION 0.8: Added varients for 48x48 and 72x72 buddy icons.

VERSION 1: Added light grey and Aqua Varients, fixed a problem with the timestamp being hard to see in message history.

VERSION 1.1: Fixed a small problem with the status message shadow cutting off.

VERSION 1.2: Fixed a problem when the top right border of the message could be wrongly coloured with certain background colours.

VERSION 1.3: Modified the info.plist file so it works properly with the current 0.8 beta.

VERSION 2.0: Split the buddy icon size variants into separate files; added 16x16 and 36x36 variants; long display names are now truncated before they flow into the message area.

VERSION 2.1: Fixed a few bugs with the 16x16 and 36x36 variants, thanks to ShadowTech for letting me know.


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# by on 10/15/04 at 20:00:58

I like it! The only thing that I would change would be the buddy icon size, they are just a tad bit to big for me. But other then that, it is a great theme!

# by bob_the_gorilla on 10/15/04 at 21:10:30

And to think I finally got round to modding PurePlastics today! Hehe, great work.

# by Quincy on 10/15/04 at 21:12:19

I agree. The gradient stuff and the whole message style is really good, and I would use it as my default style, but the one thing that moves me away is the buddy icon size. But don't make it as small as Fiat's either. Other than that, it's really good. Keep it up!!

# by BlueRevolution on 10/15/04 at 21:23:04

I agree... too big, but not by much. Every other style I've found seems to have the icons way too small, and I like being able to see what other people have for their icons. Still, those are just too big, especially with fast conversations. Default-worthy with slightly smaller icons :).

# by rick on 10/15/04 at 22:23:51

Think of the icon being just as much as the rows to the right, perfection.

# by darmot7 on 10/15/04 at 22:48:27

i like it! second best to a non moving buddy icon, great tho, if u like that thing, really good!

# by Szilard on 10/16/04 at 03:34:56

# by Szilard on 10/16/04 at 09:30:45

Thanks for all the coments, i have added varients for 48x48 and 72x72 buddy icons. The reson I decied to have them so big is that when talking to MSN contacts I could easily see their full size buddy icons, it seems most peope think that 96x96 is just too big.

# by on 10/19/04 at 18:57:35

I really like this style, good job! I'm also glad that you gave us the ability to choose the icon size. The larger icon sizes take up too much real estate for me (12" powerbook).

# by on 10/20/04 at 18:25:55

I love the style but I think that icons may look a little better at 50 pixels than 48 because they are 50 pixels natively in OS X and they would not be shrunk or enlarged any.

# by iPhil on 10/30/04 at 23:10:14

Yes, but the AIM icons I believe are at 48. And that would look ugly because the OS would have to re-size the AIM ones bigger...causing pixelation. I'd guess it's better to start off with a big hi-res image and scale it down then to do the opposite.

# by on 11/14/04 at 19:19:03

This is nice, Just a few suggestions tho. Colours, Grey V Greyscale, or Panther Aqua

and left and right for the pics would be awesome!

# by serge on 11/17/04 at 03:50:57

Great styles, man... keep up the good work!

# by Katha on 11/17/04 at 16:00:02


# by bob_the_gorilla on 11/19/04 at 15:48:53

Glad to see you've got the shadows sorted out. I like the white one...

# by on 11/24/04 at 13:32:38

Great stuff :D

# by on 12/08/04 at 01:26:33

way cool, but I agree with some other people on the buddy icon size. If one liner messages could somehow match the height of the icon then it would be a lot more pleasing to look at. The icon spaces out the messages anyway, so might as well put a min-height:48 on the entire message. I'm not sure if this is true for larger icon sizes, I really like the 48 the best.

# by Szilard on 12/09/04 at 15:56:11

Koelling: I've made a 36x36 variant that is now on my website, using min-width for some reason does not work so i can't make the bottom align with larger icons. Thanks for all the positive comments and constructive criticism from everyone else :D

# by on 12/21/04 at 14:16:26

they suck

# by on 01/18/05 at 15:44:38

Superb! I love it! I can all my friend's picture

# by michelebugliaro on 01/25/05 at 11:34:55

Good one!!!!!

# by on 03/03/05 at 07:13:29

Very nice, and its good that you have the buddy icon variations on your web site. I really like this one.

# by zaudragon on 03/22/05 at 00:22:32

Close your bold tag :P

# by on 03/31/05 at 22:30:54

This is contact list is very nice... It would be much better mixed up with the CandyBar contact list...


# by ShadowTech on 04/06/05 at 22:56:17

Very nice, I love the message view.
Although I have found a bug: When a person's MSN name is too long, it will flow into and overtop of the person's chat message. You could replace it with something like "Mike - I like to play the fl..."

Also, please include all of the display picture sizes in a future release.

# by Little_Tiger on 04/07/05 at 18:09:21

I love it alot, but is there a way to save the way you've change the "header" so I don't have to keep changing each time I open the same window (even saved per client)??


# by ShadowTech on 04/08/05 at 15:26:35

I'm using the Light Grey 36x36 variant, and it appears a persons long MSN name is still flowing into the message area.
Just thought I'd let you know.

# by ShadowTech on 04/12/05 at 17:47:20

The new updated version is great - No more names flowing into the message area!

I do have one small thing to suggest though for the next version. I have noticed that a person's long MSN name will flow into the timemark on the far right.
Is it possible to make it look like this? "Tom Anderson - PureGradients is the best messa... 10:54PM"

# by on 04/13/05 at 08:25:22

Great theme style, my new default.

# by on 04/17/05 at 23:58:10

As a newbie to Adium, I'm pleased to use Pure Gradients very nice. I have been most frustrated in trying to get the font for my chats to be anything other than Helvetica, incoming I can have Papyrus which looks good but Helvetica sux for me. So is this a fixed locked font style or am I missing in action.

# by ashpoo on 07/12/05 at 15:07:06

I like it!. I like how you can make the icons bigger or smaller because sometimes one of your friends has a funny picture, but too small to see what it is. So I like this one a lot ^^.

# by on 07/22/05 at 15:03:46

It only displays a grayscale adium duck for me

# by Ringo on 08/11/05 at 13:43:10

The light-grey is A-ok!

# by TheoW593 on 09/13/05 at 19:29:34

l'd love to see this with the option of alternating icons.

# by djmori on 03/28/06 at 23:37:25

Any chance to add a darker aqua gradient. Something like the blue i used in iLeopard contact list!

# by Corny on 09/03/06 at 07:35:18

Big icons, colorful headers - my favourite!
But a alternating option still would be nice. Anyway, great work! :)

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