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Be back

Be back

Submitted By Yoctabyte


Be Back v1.0

Be Back (with lack of a better name) is an script based off itthe's Countdown script, but modified so there are no negatives, and such. The purpose is to tell how much time until or has passed since someone will come back.

Syntax: %_bebackat{Subject, End Time}
It supports the time in weeks, days, hours, and minutes, with correct English grammer.

3 Tenses:
  • [Subject] will be back in [time].
  • [Subject] should be back now.
  • [Subject] should have been back [time] ago.

I'm open to suggestions and figuring out how to make the script run a little faster. =) (I don't have much AppleScript experience :-/ )


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Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 09/02/09