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Dice Roller Plus

Dice Roller Plus

Submitted By DocKuro


Let's roll dice!
This script let you roll dice like in GdR notation; you can do standard rolls (d notation) like 3d20 (three 20-sided dice), modify the result like 36d6 + 36 (thirtysix 6-sided dice plus 36, it's a fireball! or at least an old one...) or 4d10 x 2 (four 10-sided dice, result is doubled).
You can also throw dice in roll and keep as for L5R notation (k notation) like 3k2 (roll 3 dice and keep the best 2 results) or 4k3+6 (roll 4 dice and keep the best 3 results, add 6 to the total); this second kind of throw rolls always d10, and is open (10 are rerolled and added to the result).
When rolling you will see all the individual rolls and the result.
To use type /dice{diceExpression} i.e. /dice{3d6}
If you want to test the AppleScript random and have some statistics try /dice{test} but you're warned, be patient!


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# by tildhe on 10/24/09 at 02:24:01

Very nice and easy to use. Thanks! :)

# by elentar on 05/24/10 at 22:12:57

I modified the AppleScript for this to take a ";" in the input and output the subcommands separated by it. So you can do:


And you'll get:

Results: Rolled 1d8: 3 for a total of 3 and rolled 1d6: 5 for a total of 5

To use, download and place in ~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Scripts/diceRoller.AdiumScripts/Contents/Resources, overwriting the file that's there.

I'll send the modifications to the author, too, so hopefully they'll be in a future update.

String splitting function borrowed from

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Last Updated: 09/30/09