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Throwboy Adium icons

Throwboy Adium icons

Submitted By MertenNor


This is Emoticons of the Throwboy Pillows ( )

Hope you like them.. :)

if you go to Preferences in Adium and the Appearance Menu go down to you see "Emoticons" and at the right you can see "Customize..." go in to that and select more then just the "Throwboy Adium icons" so you can also see smilies and other Emoticons like normal.. :)

Made By: MertenNor
Inspired by geek pillows at


v. 1.3 - Added More Pillows and made it easier to type the emoticons ( see image)
v. 1.2 - Added More Pillows.
v. 1.1 - Added More Pillows.
v. 1.0 - First Release!


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