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File Transfer Contact Subdirectories

File Transfer Contact Subdirectories

Submitted By Rahul AG (bsck)


Contact Subdirectory Plugin

CSP is an Adium plugin which places incoming files into subfolders of the default download directory based on the user id (optionally, display name and user ID) of the sender. Previously under the name "File Transfer Sender Subdirectories (Username-based Folders)", the project was renamed when I finally decided to implement support for both Henrik's "Display Name (User ID)" format and my "User ID" naming schemes for the subfolders.

For example, if a file is being received from a user 'John', with the MSN ID
  • If "Display Name in Download Subfolder" (under the Edit menu) is checked, all files will be diverted to a subdirectory named "John ("
  • If the above menu item is not checked, then all files will be diverted to a subdirectory named ""


If you are willing to provide a translated version of the phrase "Display Name in Download Subfolder" in a language you are familiar with, please send it to two.scribbles AT gmail DOT com.


This has been tested with versions 1.3.6, 1.4b9 and 1.4hg (as of changeset 63a2af2e3e41). If you're running a 64-bit version of Adium 1.5hg, you can either compile from source, or download the binary from the project's GitHub page.


As long as Adium is set up to automatically accept files, CSP will work seamlessly. If you are asked to select a directory to download the file to, and select the default directory, CSP will kick in and redirect the file to the appropriate subdirectory. If you do, however, choose another directory, CSP will not create a subdirectory there.
The subdirectory will named for the user ID of the sender, or the display name (with user ID in brackets), depending on your setting. The use of display names in folders can be toggled ("Display Name in Download Subfolder") in the Edit menu.

Caveat: The folder will not be renamed once created, even if the setting is changed.

Source Code

The code for this project is available from GitHub (compiled binaries are available as well). The adium1.3 branch has some hacks in place to let the plugin load under Adium 1.3.


This plugin owes its existence to Henrik Nyh, for writing the original that inspired it, and Dustin Brewer, for inspiration on adding the preference option.
The current incarnation of CSP was re-written, since I wanted to clean up the code. The algorithm itself is nearly identical to Henrik's File Transfer Sender Subdirectories Plugin, though it does contain the preference functionality.


  • Added localisation support, translations will be greatly appreciated

  • Cleaned up source code
  • Renamed CSP, Added Edit menu option to toggle the use of display names in subfolder names

  • Previously under the name "File Transfer Sender Subdirectories (Username-based Folders)"

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8.91kb (3532 downloads)

3.20 / 26 votes
Current Version: 2.0
Last Updated: 10/13/09
Current version written by Rahul AG. Original plugin by Henrik Nyh.