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Glow Light 2

Glow Light 2

Submitted By standardmess


This is a relatively simple theme that makes use of distinct colors and strong lines to distinguish between speakers without getting in the way of the messages themselves.

The original Glow Light theme, which was last updated in 2006, did not include buddy icons and requires a font size of 10pt, which is a little too small for my liking. Since the author posted a comment saying that he/she was no longer developing Adium themes, I decided to tweak the CSS and make some of the needed adjustments.

The result is Glow Light 2. This new version has the option of including buddy icons in the message window. I have also bumped the fixed text size to 12pt. This may seem a bit large to some users, but I find that it is easier to read and fits well with the overall size of the message bubbles.

I will gladly consider additional suggestions for improvements.


2.0: Tweaked CSS to fix bad alignment and extra whitespace that was probably the result of an update to WebKit or Adium.
2.1: Added buddy icon variants and fixed rendering problem on systems with minimum font size of 10pt (which are most systems, actually).


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# by visualize27 on 10/27/09 at 08:09:54

There's a small misalignment at the lower right and lower left corners - they don't align with the bottom or the sides. I'm using Snow Leopard if that matters.

# by visualize27 on 10/27/09 at 08:13:06

I forgot to add a link to an image showing what I meant. I also forgot to say thank you for making this update :)

Here's the image:

Additional information is that I use Adium 1.3.7 in the Danish language.

# by standardmess on 10/27/09 at 16:49:06

Thanks for the screen shot. Apparently, I have a hidden setting somewhere on my system (it's not in Adium's or Safari's preferences plist) that is forcing all my fonts in Adium to render no smaller than 12pt. This message style is hard-set to 10pt. As soon as I tried to use it in a different account, I ran into the same problems as in your screen shot.

This, of course, makes me wonder whether the initial rendering problems I encountered were due to my (weird) setup and not an actual bug. In any case, I find 12pt to be more readable, so I am going to update the hard-coded font size. Can't do it now though, for I am at work ;-)

(P.S. the font size needs to be hard coded or else the theme breaks when the user tries to change it.)

# by standardmess on 10/28/09 at 01:32:20

Version 2.1, as soon as it is approved, fixes the rendering issues and adds the ability to view buddy icons!

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4.30 / 9 votes
Current Version: 2.1
Last Updated: 10/28/09
Originally developed by desp.
Updated for compatibility by standardmess.