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Absolutely Minimal

Absolutely Minimal

Submitted By Alex (alexy13)


An aqua smoke minimal contact list layout. Minimal. No other words to describe it.

The new version of Absolutely Minimal uses: iChat Bubbles (which are available in Adium; or the author may have deleted the xtra).

The old version uses...
You need to have the "Stars" icon set which is available here: Stars Icon Set


Version 0.1: First Release
Version 0.2: Updated thumbnail
Version 0.3: Updated thumbnail, centered contact names, changed icons (changed appearance). Fixed an issue when installing the theme where it had the theme's incorrect name. (Waiting for approve...)



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# by Bhikha on 01/03/10 at 17:55:03

I love it! Can you do a version where we can see the number of contacts online in each group?
Sorry for my english :)

# by alexy13 on 01/03/10 at 18:02:15

Hmm... This theme does show groups but the title of the groups can be difficult to see at times. You can show groups by clicking View then "Show Groups" in the Adium menu.

# by Bhikha on 01/05/10 at 01:18:22

I can see the groups. I was asking if there is any way to see how many contacts are online in each group. ty

# by alexy13 on 01/05/10 at 04:09:50

Oops, I must have zipped through your comment :p. In the next release it will show how many contacts online in each group :)

# by alexy13 on 01/06/10 at 00:23:35

I think you have to click on "View" then "Show Group Visible Count". Hopefully that works :D

# by Bhikha on 01/06/10 at 02:38:05

it worked :D thank you so much!

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