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Submitted By Robert Sass (rmac)


Here are many really great styles, but I missed one that is not designed with focus on design but on content. So I decided to create another style on my own. Hope You like it!



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# by glennderooij on 06/29/10 at 18:50:38

Great message style, love the font. Which one is it?
I can't seem to get my own messages in the same font as the messages I'm receiving. Is this a msn-conversation on your printscreen?

# by rmac on 06/29/10 at 19:27:19

The Font is called Georgia and comes on nearly every Mac/PC (in the style it's used in it's italic variant).
Sorry since I use Adium I don't mind about which service is used at the moment ;-)

To fit your messages in the same font as the receiving ones you have to set up Georgia:
1. Go to the message style settings and choose "Georgia, italic, 14". Make sure to disable the two checkboxes below.
2. In the fonts window (if you closed it press cmd+T) choose "Georgia, italic, 13(!)" and click on "Save This Settings As My Default Font". I really don't know why but it has to be 13 points of font-size while 14 points in the message-styles settings-window.

# by rmac on 06/29/10 at 19:34:58

Sorry, it has to be 12 points instead of 14.

# by glennderooij on 06/29/10 at 19:46:32

Cheers mate, looks all flashy now =)

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Robert Sass