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Heavy Sound Set TF2

Heavy Sound Set TF2

Submitted By soadluv


Heavy Sound set by Request.


You Connect
"Who sends babies to fight me?"
You Disconnect
"We make good team!"
Contact logs in
"Waaahhhhh Uwahhhhhh!"
Contact logs out
"Cry some more!"
First Message
"My Fists, they are made of STEEL!"
Message sent
Message received
Invitation to Group Chat
/sings. "Come, sing with me!" /sings more.
Contact Joins Group Chat
"Coward! Get on Point!"
Contact Leaves Group
"I see spy!"
Mentioned in Group Chat
New Email
"WHO... TOUCHED... MY... GUN?!"
Contact Requires Authorization
/singing "Sandvich an me going to beat your ass~!"
Transfer Started
"You! Yeah, You! You are DEAD!"

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Last Updated: 03/30/10