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Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Submitted By Kelsey Mitchell (SkjeOy)


Made to match two desktops for the film Battle Royale.



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# by Ringo on 05/16/04 at 04:20:01

HA! I love that movie!

...avoid the sequel.

# by Anonymous on 05/20/04 at 19:23:17

Yeah I watched the sequel . . . and have, shall we say, deeply mixed feelings. I mean basically it sucks . . . however . . . there are moment I like to think aren't so awful. But yeah. (Shrug)

# by on 07/09/04 at 05:18:59


First one is so excellent though

# by on 02/14/05 at 00:53:44

My god the movie, the book, and the manga, so wonderful.Shuuya's teh hawtness as everyone except Akamatsu is(of the guys) I love this message view style!

# by iDeath on 02/20/05 at 08:22:51

Kinji Fukasaku died before he could finish the second one..his son Kenta Fukasaku finished the rest of the movie.He is friends with Quentin Tarantino and that could explain why it sucks.

# by Ashraf on 03/18/05 at 15:10:12

Battle Royale is teh 1337ness!! havent watched the sequel yet tho. too bad this message view style doesnt have an avatar function =( It'll be sweeter.

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French advertising campaign (beige variant), map artwork from movie