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Pipe Event

Pipe Event

Submitted By joshua stein (jcs)


When added to an event type (such as "Received message"), this plugin will spawn a command and pipe the event text to its STDIN. The title of the event (the name of the sender for received messages) will be sent to the command as its first argument.

Typical uses might be sending received messages to a script that can forward them over e-mail or over a notification API like Prowl or Notifo.

Source code can be downloaded at


2010-12-28 - 1.0
1.0 - Initial release

2011-11-14 - 1.1
1.1 - Recompiled for OS X Lion



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# by monoclast on 11/18/11 at 18:36:00

Trying to get version 1.1. for Lion, and I see the Install link crashes Adium 1.4.3. What's up with that? Also, the Download link doesn't work.

# by jcs on 11/18/11 at 20:29:38

it looks like the 1.1 update hasn't been approved yet, so when you click install it's not actually giving you the plugin file and adium crashes.

you can try downloading 1.1 from github until the update is approved here.

# by monoclast on 11/19/11 at 18:44:10

Much thanks. : )

# by monoclast on 11/19/11 at 20:17:55

For the life of me, I can't get this extra to work on Lion. I'm using the latest version (1.1) - just downloaded and installed from your link above.

I've got Adium set up to use the "Pipe event to command" action for the "You connect" event, pointing to a Perl script at /usr/local/bin/adium_events.

The script has execute permissions, and runs fine manually from the command line. I have it logging out to a log file so I can see when it runs.

It never gets run from Adium when I connect.

I've also tried setting it to run this very simple command:

/usr/bin/osascript -l AppleScript -e "tell application "Finder" to beep"

Nothing happens when I connect. No joy. : (

# by jcs on 11/19/11 at 22:15:30

# by monoclast on 11/20/11 at 09:57:37

You say "stdout and stderr get closed right away". I'm not sure I completely understand this though. Can you help me by answering a couple questions please?:

Is Adium responsible for closing STDERR and STDOUT? If so, why would Adium do that?

Is there a way I could somehow re-open STDERR and STDOUT in a Perl script?

Why am I able to echo things out to a file from a shell script (echo "blah" > file), but not print to a file (open FILE, print FILE "blah") in a Perl script?

# by Mille on 12/27/11 at 01:52:50

This one is really good!

Got me thinking of another way to use it. Maybe someone could help me make it happen?

I'd like to log all user events (online/offline/pm change/etc) in a text file by week. Would that be possible with a simple snippet?

Thank you in advance!

# by Reis on 04/11/12 at 19:02:03

I've tried it in Adium 1.5 and it doesn't work, it crashes anytime it's executed, doesn't matter what script/command i point it to.

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