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Submitted By Mr. Gecko (GRMrGecko)


Adinline adds images inline with the chats so you can see them without having to open them in the browse.

Why did I make this?
Safari for me is made for to look at webpages, not images, I usually have many tabs open looking for information on stuff and it slows down to where opening a tab takes about 1 minute. With the image inline with the message, I no longer need to take the time to load it in safari.

Automatic scroll detection to prevent it from scrolling when not needed.
Automatic resizing of image to prevent it from moving outside of the message and causing a horizontal scroll bar.
Preserves link incase of the need to view it in your default browser.
Does not allow strangers to send images unless you run "defaults write com.adiumX.adiumX MGMAIAllowStrangers -bool YES" in the terminal.

ppc, i386, and x86_64.

I have the minimum version for AdIuM CK set to 1.3, but it may not work as I haven't took the time to test and it may also work on earlier versions. Please let me know which is the actual minimum if you find out.

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# by paulwilde on 03/28/11 at 20:37:52

Great plugin. I'm liking this one. :)

# by cobbr2 on 04/09/11 at 21:13:49

Really nice. Prevents one more use of the screen-hogging hipchat client my boss likes.

# by phantom on 04/28/11 at 20:32:09

looks like it doesn't work with 1.4.1

# by sveinn on 09/19/11 at 17:12:54


# by RockinKat on 01/31/12 at 11:03:14

I wish this worked in 1.4.4 as it would be really handy when I'm using Adium to get on IRC.

# by GRMrGecko on 01/31/12 at 17:06:03

It does work. For IRC, you have to follow the "Does not allow strangers" instructions above to get it to work with strangers such as people on IRC.

# by RockinKat on 02/01/12 at 07:06:15

After getting help from Mr. Gecko, he figured out that it was related to some issue with the theme I was using for chats. Changing to a different one makes it work.

# by jgillman on 07/20/12 at 20:07:49

NICE! My IRC client (not Adium) does inline images and I love it. I had been wishing that I could do the same in Adium and now I can. Thank you!

# by josephrooks on 08/28/12 at 19:08:23

Check it with several different themes before anything else. I had to try three different ones before I found one that worked with this.

# by remybach on 02/07/14 at 14:41:36

Is there *any* way to get this to display images shared in hangouts? The url for them looks something like:

# by S373N on 01/22/15 at 15:25:50

great Xtra! i've been using it for some time now, and I've just realized that dragging photos into a Facebook chat gives people a strange logo/ascii code instead of the actual picture.

any ideas on how to fix this, or at least get it working?

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