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Choi Dots

Choi Dots

Submitted By Saejin (saejin)


My dark little dots. I created these for myself, but I figured I'd share if anyone was interested. I like my contact list pretty subtle with a dark grey background. these might look kinda weird with a light background. regardless, enjoy.



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# by Gregorian on 02/28/11 at 22:38:22

Thanks a lot, I really like these. I've got a question though, is it easy to modify these? Cause I'm not great with stuff, but I'd love to make a change or two.

# by saejin on 02/28/11 at 22:43:05

thanks! I made these in photoshop, so it depends on how familiar/comfortable you are working in that app. I can send you the PSD if you want to mess around with them. Let me know.

# by Gregorian on 02/28/11 at 22:44:46

the PSD would be great (although I use Seashore a free open source version for Mac) But my question was more, once I've got these icons, how do I make them into a fancy setting on adium preferences?

# by saejin on 02/28/11 at 22:50:39

do you mean creating your own icon set? if so, just grab any .AdiumStatusIcons file and right click > Show Package Contents. You can then see the pngs in there to replace. i'll send you my psd in a few minutes. cheers.

# by dan on 03/03/11 at 05:01:20

These are really nice man. Thanks!

# by saejin on 03/03/11 at 07:28:13

Thanks! I appreciate it!

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