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Submitted By Pritthish Chakraborty (pritthish)


Taz is possibly the sharpest and sleekest messagestyle I have made to date. Combining features from all my previous themes as well a meticulous attention to the tiniest details, Taz has been almost a month in the making, far longer than any of my themes.

I just have one request, if you like the theme and have twitter, give a shout out to my inspiration @tazzieeee and tell her you liked the theme!

Well, enough rambling, full view the promo shot to see what you're getting.

As usual, includes
- Light and Dark variants
- Native display picture and header toggling
- New glowing animations on status bars
- smoother fading in messages
- Sleek and stylish background image for when there are no messages in the window (seriously, turn off showing history and see it!)


-Fixed colours of Mention blocks in Dark variant
-Fixed consecutive Mention backgrounds
-Minor colour adjustments
-Modified JS used for header and scrolling (RESTART ADIUM AFTER INSTALL)
-Fixed topic headers (or atleast implemented a somewhat better solution )

-minor bugfix for service status colour on dark variant.



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# by VyseLegend on 04/26/11 at 12:10:35

Best message style I've ever seen. Keep it up. You improved on Fluffy as well, with the black text on the dark variant and overall color balance.

# by dcentity2000 on 04/29/11 at 19:53:51


# by ebarer on 05/02/11 at 07:04:53

Just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of this theme, very well put together. Just out of curiosity, how did you go about carbonizing your message window (the metal surrounding the input box)?

# by aone on 09/22/11 at 17:09:06

go to , system preferences, general, appearance and set it to graphite ;)

# by Pakaku on 05/10/11 at 09:10:27

There seems to be a bug that if someone in a conversation sends you a message after midnight, the messages don't scroll up like they normally should.

# by batmanppc on 05/30/11 at 20:56:12

I am seeing the same issue

# by Tex-Twil on 06/17/11 at 08:03:57

I like it as well. How can I change the background of the message box though ? The default is not so nice.

# by Tex-Twil on 06/17/11 at 08:05:33

ok I've found it :)

You should do a contact list style in a same way !

# by tzikis on 07/05/11 at 22:02:32

I am totally in love with this theme. You should definitely do a contact list as Tex-Twil said

# by fuzzy76 on 07/27/11 at 13:49:38

Awesome! My only wish is for a "compact" variant with nicks on the same line as the text, more suitable for IRC chats. Busy channels require more information density.

# by aristidesfl on 07/31/11 at 06:14:51

No need for scroll bar anymore.. Lion's is pretty sleek

# by pritthish on 10/04/11 at 06:39:23

sadly, adium doesn't change the overlay scrollbars colour based on the background colour set in my theme, so the dark version uses a black scrollbar too. thats why I'm reluctant to remove my custom scrollbars.

# by aristidesfl on 07/31/11 at 06:46:03

I wish there was a compact variant of this to use in group chats and IRC.
I guess I will have to make one myself if pritthish doesn't say anything..

# by eddz on 08/28/11 at 18:12:20

Hey, how'd you get the window to be styled that way. I have the message theme but the message entry area are still the built-in adium ones.

# by pritthish on 10/04/11 at 06:38:07

the window mod was something called iDium. but it is incompatible with the latest adium build

# by xja on 09/09/11 at 22:49:21

Hi, nice message style!
My suggestion is to put in an option to alternate buddy icons, you should also make a contact list style as well.


# by g12m4 on 10/03/11 at 23:47:07

Registered for the express purpose of giving this ★★★★★

# by pritthish on 10/04/11 at 06:37:28


# by obloquial on 10/04/11 at 06:35:41

If I may leave some feedback here: the background moves away with rubber-band scrolling in Lion (revealing the white background behind the lovely black wallpaper textures). Perhaps a minor issue, but something that plagues me nonetheless.

# by pritthish on 10/04/11 at 06:37:18

sadly, that is an issue with adium. nothing i can do about it.

# by obloquial on 10/04/11 at 06:42:07

Blast, alright. But much appreciated for your exceedingly quick reply. No worries, I reckon I'm still set on using this lovely message style.

# by Jericon on 12/10/11 at 00:00:26

I have an issue where everything in this theme shows "(null)" Other themes work just fine.

Any ideas?

# by peang on 01/20/12 at 13:16:15

hey, how do you hide the icon on messaging toolbar ?

# by peang on 01/20/12 at 13:16:56

solved -__-

# by Detmud on 01/25/13 at 23:09:52

There is an Bug on Retina Displays in this Theme, can you pls fix it ?

# by Detmud on 01/25/13 at 23:40:49

AHH The Bug is this.
.content img {
height:auto !important;
width:auto !important;

pls change it to
.content img {

# by Detmud on 01/26/13 at 20:14:20

there where a lot more Bugs regarding this Theme, i fixed most of Theme. You can find the Retina 1.6 Version here

# by Detmud on 01/26/13 at 20:32:47

And here is a Version without Scrollbar for all the People on MacBooks and Trackpad.

# by warrendunlop on 04/03/13 at 18:41:01

@Detmud Thanks for the updated theme! Question for you. I can't for the life of me find where the code for the datestamp header in taz is. Referring to this:

I'm trying to customize the iMessages theme with a time header like Taz has, and a "typing indicator" icon like xblaze has. Any help would be amazing.

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