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Service 2011

Service 2011

Submitted By Ernesto Monasterio (ermonas)


A really simple update on the service icons, based on "Service '09" by scorpion919. It includes updated icons for Windows Live Messenger (from the Microsoft Messenger app), AIM, Facebook (from the Flurry collection by The Iconfactory), Twitter (Twitterrific 4 icon), and others. I hope you enjoy it.



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# by scorpion919 on 04/27/11 at 22:20:19

nice work

# by ermonas on 04/28/11 at 07:58:07

Thanks, but it's almost all the credit goes to you, so it's your nice work :).

# by pritthish on 04/28/11 at 00:36:58

nice one!

two things:
1. not sure Olie is the right one for twitter. Shouldn't you use their official mascot? i got a decent 16px and 32px version of it if you want.
2. not sure you're allowed to use the Flurry icons :P just remake em?

# by ermonas on 04/28/11 at 08:01:49

I've put Ollie because I like him better over the over the official mascot, and, also, because in Service '08 and Service '09 he was the Twitter Icon, but I can consider changing it, give me the images if you want.

I know that about Flurry, I will change 'em a soon as I find a good-looking replacement.

# by pritthish on 04/28/11 at 17:41:04

sure thing. hit me up on AIM later (handle same as my username here) and we can work on it :)

# by ermonas on 07/10/11 at 13:02:59

Sorry for not answering before, I missed your message. I've added you, when you become online, we can work on update this. Thanks.

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Current Version: 0.1
Last Updated: 04/27/11
Based on Service '09 by scorpion919.

Facebook Icon is part of the Flurry collection by The Iconfactory.

Service 2011 by Ernesto Monasterio.

All logos are property of their respective owners - Please, don't sue me :P.