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IRC Twitter HUD

IRC Twitter HUD

Submitted By aristidesfl


A usable HUD message style which takes in account the specifics of the new protocols: Twitter and IRC.
Created with base on HUDChat

Contributions, issues and requests are welcome and appreciated on the github repository

This extra only affects the message style.
The HUD style of the rest of the window is achieved using a 3rth party hack: HUD Skin


- HUD Style
- Minimalist single line
- Primary colors scheme
- Message fade in effect
- Avatar icons except on IRC
- Double click on Avatar icons to toggle username only

- remove emoticons from IRC only (and possibly from twitter as well)
- tooltip showing username on avatar mouseover
- a few extra color schemes


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# by rob-to86 on 05/31/11 at 02:08:23

Hi there, you should perhaps add a note to the description of this Xtra about the modifications shown in the screenshots that are not influenced by your style.

# by aristidesfl on 05/31/11 at 18:58:58

I will do that.

shouldn't I receive a mail notification when I receive comments here?

# by mathuaerknedam on 06/02/11 at 01:02:08

Yes, you should.

# by pritthish on 06/02/11 at 13:40:59

heya, i notice you used my theme HUDChat as a base for this. might i suggest using my other theme Taz as the base? its a lot more streamlined and lightweight.

# by aristidesfl on 06/02/11 at 18:27:53

Thanks, your styles are great!

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Last Updated: 05/29/11