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My Location

My Location

Submitted By Dean Carlson (dtcarls)


This is a modified and updated version of CurrentLocation by Evan Coleman (fiftyfour123).

This new script uses a different site to determine your location by IP address and displays selective information. It displays City, State, and/or Country.

For example:
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

To use type %_myloc{locType}

there are 4 "locTypes"

  1. city - displays current city only.
    Usage: %_myloc{city}
    Display Example: Charleston
  2. state - displays current state only.
    Usage: %_myloc{state}
    Display Example: South Carolina
  3. citystate - displays current city and state.
    Usage: %_myloc{citystate}
    Display Example: Charleston, South Carolina
  4. all - displays current city, state, and country.
    Usage: %_myloc{all}
    Display Example: Charleston, South Carolina, USA

This can be set as your status or used in conversation.


added selective locations (locType)


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# by dtcarls on 06/28/11 at 17:35:31

Also can be downloaded from the following link.

# by WTWick on 07/05/11 at 19:30:48

Script works! Thanks Dean!

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Current Version: 1.5
Last Updated: 02/24/12
Dean Carlson
(original version)Evan Coleman (fiftyfour123)