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MiniBubble 2

MiniBubble 2

Submitted By Peter Simonsson (pss)


An extended version of the MiniBubble message style. MiniBubble 2 is available in four variants:
  • Left
  • Right
  • Left in, right out
  • Right in, left out


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# by on 10/27/04 at 23:15:08

Great job, I really like this except I had to change the color to black because I did not like the girly colors.

# by bob_the_gorilla on 10/28/04 at 06:17:00


# by Nooon on 10/30/04 at 13:27:37


# by on 12/03/04 at 23:39:37

Very nice.

# by seize on 01/13/05 at 23:30:59

hands down my favorite. i love when my friends use pictures of themselves, because puts the bubble tips right next to their mouths. this is a problem because i can't have conversations in IM without laughing.


# by Mattis on 01/21/05 at 21:58:57

Best one I ever seen. I really like the white outlines on the images. Good work!

# by telic.detour on 01/24/05 at 05:35:45

Beautiful! I don't often give a 5, but this one's definately worth it. Great concept, excellent execution.

That being said, I have a few suggestions for improvements / additions:
- variants with different background colours. I personally like the blue, but other people might not.
- grouping of consecutive messages into one bubble, for people like me that tend to send several one-word messages (could be a variant?)
- variant with time only on first message
- dim user icons in history posts. They stand out too much from the dimmed message bubbles.

Keep up the good work!

# by pss on 01/25/05 at 12:02:20

Thanks for the comments.

telic.detour: The background is meant to be replaced by the user. I just wanted to have a simple background color by default, but it can be a lot nicer if you find a good background picture.
I like the idea with dimmed user icons in the context messages. I'll add it if I get time to do an update...

# by on 02/14/05 at 14:50:50

Really nice. But it will be possible to increase the size of icons?

# by nanovivid on 02/19/05 at 01:42:45


# by leslie on 04/29/05 at 00:41:53

To whoever made the comment about changing the background color of the message, here's a hint- when you go into preferences once you choose bubbles 2 , scroll down near the botton of the page and you will see"cutom background" click on that and choose whatever color floats your boat, and VOILA you have your custom background color

# by Nooon on 10/01/05 at 11:16:28

definitely one of my favorite message views!

# by Boramor on 02/18/06 at 21:07:27

One of my favs as well!

# by sly_cat on 04/28/06 at 20:36:09

if the chat window is relatively small and names are long, it completely messes up the design.

i was wondering, is there a way to make it so that the name doesnt overflow? i'm trying to do so now.

# by anouke on 05/18/06 at 20:21:01

As said,
*Grouping of consecutive messages into one bubble*
*Time only on first message*
And one variation without the names... only de text bubble (just like minibubble) could be perfect

# by Spookster on 08/24/06 at 15:28:29

i second that altho wrapping of long names to next lines would be fine as well for me :)

# by feda on 07/08/06 at 15:28:24

Can anyone tell me which class's style to modify if I want some more space for left margin of the msg texts?
I have gone for the tutorial and sort of got exhausted or lost b4 I could find the thing I need.

# by necz0r- on 04/30/07 at 08:28:56

Just perfect.

# by av3ry on 04/14/13 at 07:55:22

Love this, don't know if you're still updating it, but any way to get different fonts and points to work? I've tried changing it but it just stays what you have it set to. (Incoming fonts work, but I have those turned off - I'd like it all to be a font of my choosing.)

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