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Submitted By Sean Helling (jfoldmei)


This style is based loosely on (and is a very hacked version of) the H4x0r message style. It's minimalistic and not very colorful; it was designed to fit whatever was going on in the rest of my interface. I also like the Roboto font, made by Google for use in their Ice Cream Sandwich build of Android, and this style was designed to be used with that font. You can get it here, or you can substitute your own font, I don't care.

It's worth noting that this style is incomplete, and most likely will be staying that way. It was designed for my personal use and was not originally intended for mass distribution, and is only being posted here so I can more easily share it with friends. In all honesty, I'll be very surprised if people actually download this.

EDIT: Color me surprised, some people seem to like this. Feel free to suggest changes in the comments.

EDIT 2: In case the link above doesn't work for you, the "Roboto" font can also be found at:


version 0.002
fixed the header: it now exists.

version 0.001
first release.



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# by MagisterQuis on 07/23/12 at 02:40:55

Link to the font seems to be broken.

I got the font here:

# by jfoldmei on 08/23/12 at 21:37:04

Thanks for the link!

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