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Halloween Adiumy

Halloween Adiumy

Submitted By Evan Schoenberg (evands)


Orange Adiumy duck with red glowing eyes... Big brother of the Evil Menu Duck!



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# by BlueRevolution on 10/30/04 at 18:27:00

how about some bloodshot lines on those eyes? if you're going for the crazed look you may as well go all the way :)

# by on 10/30/04 at 20:23:23

Orange? I see brown.

# by on 10/31/04 at 05:39:07

Well, brown is just a darker shade of orange, really...

# by vio on 10/31/04 at 14:07:32

And some blood running from his beak!

# by Anonymous on 10/31/04 at 15:12:56

How 'bout a bed-sheet ghost Adiumy :)

# by BlueRevolution on 11/05/04 at 07:11:57

next year, maybe. christmas is now upon us and with it all the wonderful icons of the season! sort of. I still want to see bloodshot duck eyes but I can make one with them myself when I get the time. and I agree about the blood too. dripping blood for connecting?

# by on 12/19/04 at 16:50:26

Not bad. And after halloween you can leave it on and call it a turkey (for thanksgiving).

# by enkuturi-akrias on 10/17/06 at 11:54:58

its like brown... but is good ^^
if you dont want my xtras, dont dend me messages saying they are bad, only dont see it. i like my dead duck, if you no, go away, ok?

PD: bloodshot lines isnt is a bad idea^^ and a whitch hat is cool

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Adam Betts, original Adiumy. Me, Photoshop ineptitude.