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Event Logger

Event Logger

Submitted By Reis


A long time ago i was searching for a tool that records the logins/logouts from a single contact in Adium.

I managed to find "Adium Status Log", a ppc app that makes a set of scripts for logging contact activity as applescripts. When upgrading to lion, ppc apps stopped working, including this one, so can't use the app anymore. Recently i rewrote the script (Well, actually i made my own, didn't take any line of code from the other...) to log the activity of contacts and decided to upload it, so if someone finds it useful, can use it :).

To configure:

1. Edit the Script and change PATH_TO_DESIRED_LOG_FILE_LOCATION for the path where you want the log file to be stored
2. Change SUBJECT_NICK for the name of the contact you want to track (It's just a name for the display, you can put anything here)
3. Assign the script -ie- to the log-in event for a contact.

And that's all, everytime the selected contact logs in, the script will write a new line in the file log.txt at the location you wrote before.

The output's format will be "SUBJECT_NICK has logged in at xx:yy:zz aa:bb:cc"

Hope you enjoy it!

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