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Submitted By Ifmy


AquaSilverShadow in progress? be patient ;-)



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# by danielgrenell on 11/02/04 at 02:29:29

doesn't look half bad, i like what you're done with the away/ idle flags

# by Quincy on 11/02/04 at 02:42:04

Yeah, it's pretty neat looking. I agree, I like what you did with the flags.

# by Shark on 11/02/04 at 03:06:06

I really like this :) awesome job

# by BlueRevolution on 11/02/04 at 03:41:01

the eyes, the horrible eyes! they haunt my every waking moment and will not relent even in my tormented dreams!

# by on 11/02/04 at 04:29:51

I really like this one and the simpleness of the alert mechanism. nice job

# by Junpei on 11/02/04 at 05:42:51

Say, I like this!

# by on 11/02/04 at 06:25:32

Yes, trop top cette adaptation Aqua ;-)
Bravo Ifmy ? de la bomb ! ;-)

# by on 11/02/04 at 16:48:27

branleur de ifmy toujours la pour s'eclater change rien ...!!

# by drunkenlink on 11/02/04 at 17:27:45

awesome job

# by cheesechick on 11/03/04 at 00:12:55

Oh my God this is awesome... perfect timing too. I just started using the AquaSilver set. ;) This and AquaSilver Shadow have been two of my favorite icon sets for a long time. Great work!

# by AuGie on 11/03/04 at 21:31:24

Really great Duck, you are very strong Ifmy :)

# by infinity on 11/05/04 at 00:19:10

Has a cool, futuristic look to it. Nice Work.

# by Yukio on 10/05/05 at 14:38:08

cool looking nice one....
the colours white and blue match perfectly for this one

# by MsSolberg on 12/30/05 at 16:59:59

wow, really cool. but I wish it could be in another colour. It doesnt show very well..

# by tasmanian_devil on 04/25/07 at 21:32:54

really awesome! its not for my whole layout but its awesome!

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