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Legolas Duck

Legolas Duck

Submitted By Stephen (infinity)


What Legolas would look like if he were a duck.
I'm not sure what he should do when you receive a message... Any suggestions would be great.

v1.0- I made him flap. He is holding an Elven phial. I included the old version in the download in case you liked the light buzzing around him better.



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# by BlueRevolution on 11/05/04 at 07:07:33

nocking an arrow would be too hard to do probably, so I'd say just use the default flap thing. also I'd suggest you kill the borders and use light highlights instead to match the actual icon more accurately. nice work though.

# by infinity on 11/05/04 at 21:10:28

I thought about making him flap, but I just thought there was something more elvish he could do...

# by BlueRevolution on 11/05/04 at 22:05:04

flap very slowly and elegantly?

# by PyroTeen on 11/08/04 at 16:26:10

How about opening his wings to reveal either his elven knives, or perhaps a phial of starlight, like the stuff lady galadriel gave to Frodo (i think it's called E?rendil) ? Great icon, by the way :)

# by on 12/24/04 at 02:16:42

nocking an arrow with the name of he person would be pretty awesome....but it might be to hard, i dont know, you might be able to do it

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