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Ham-Ham Heartbreak (Hamtaro GBA)

Ham-Ham Heartbreak (Hamtaro GBA)

Submitted By nugnug


The greatest Hamtaro soundpack Adium has ever seen!
Enjoy eleven different hamchats ready for your instant messaging pleasure. We assure you these Hamtaro sounds will brighten your day and help you achieve enlightenment and happiness.

After years of strenuous testing, we are overjoyed to release the Ham-Ham Heartbreak sound pack to the Adium community.

We ripped sounds out of the GBA game Ham-Ham Heartbreak to make the greatest and most adorable sound set Adium has ever seen.

Our sounds are guaranteed to be professionally engineered for maximum adorableness and minimum intrusiveness, so please install without any hesitation.

Supported hamchats:

  1. Bye-Q (Good-bye)
  2. Hamha (Greeting)
  3. Hamigos (Best pals)
  4. Heyhoo (Call out)
  5. No-P (No)
  6. Nopookie (Dislike)
  7. Oopsie (Sorry)
  8. Ta-dah (Show)
  9. Wake-Q (Wake up)
  10. Yep-P (Yes)
  11. Zuzuzu (Sleep)


version 4.2.0a1 - we did it!!!! public release!!!

Maybe in the future we will add more sounds. We respond well to cash bribes.


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5.00 / 1 votes
Current Version: 4.2.0
Last Updated: 08/13/14
me - sound editing and ripping
kimmie - planning and managing