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Adium Googlismifier

Adium Googlismifier

Submitted By BlueRevolution


Goes to Googlism and gets the Googlisms for a person, then inserts a random one from that list into the chat. Awesome conversation stopper. To use it, enter %googlism{name}. Note that the curly brackets around the name are required for it to work properly.

Examples of Googlisms:
  • mikkel is able to make the audience go crazy as he runs around on stage playing his guitar
  • will is testing please excuse the noise and any involuntary profanity
  • ellie is a woman whose purpose in life is to scan the heavens for the possibility of alien life

Update History:
  • 1.3 :: Created a system that caches previously used Googlisms so this script is now totally safe to use in your display name and in away messages. It also runs without any lag within conversations once a cached version exists. It will even empty its cache once the files get to a meg (just in case), to protect you from a hard drive-eating monster. This update gives you all the Googlisms with none of the mess! I removed the %googlismlink mode, since it isn't really functional on most networks. If you want a link, tell your buddy and type in the name :).
  • 1.2 :: Fixed several more really stupid and rather more major bugs. The script no longer crops off some letters from the beginning of the first line (or adds some trash for short names). It will also work properly with -isms containing only one result (thanks to Michael Houghton for that), and I fixed a really dumb problem preventing multi-word Googlisms from working. Yes, that means you're free to use the ever-popular %googlism{bill gates} . Also added a varient of the script which inserts a link to the Googlism page.
  • 1.1 :: Fixed a stupid bug where it was actually "googlism" not "%googlism" that was used in the script. I have some more major updates in mind for the script, stay tuned for more.

    Most names have something to do with sex somewhere in their Googlism list. Use care when using them in conversation with your mother :D.



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# by kjartan on 11/10/04 at 18:27:31


# by kjartan on 11/10/04 at 18:31:02

it doesnt work to me
i type: "%googlismeric" and the only thing that appers is "eric"

# by BlueRevolution on 11/10/04 at 22:54:56

you need to type %googlism{eric}... note the curly brackets around the name. enjoy!

# by on 11/15/04 at 04:06:45

And be careful using them as your display name in case you discover that you are "currently sucking off a gay sheep farmer from Arabia". Eeewww...

# by BlueRevolution on 11/15/04 at 06:48:09

hmmm... should I maybe add a filter for an assortment of words? seems more interesting this way though...

# by G N W on 11/18/04 at 06:49:40

Excellent conversation starter! (And stopper for my more prickly buddies.) Has anyone figured out a way to put this script in your away message so that a buddy who checks your away message will see his/her own Googlism result? %n doesn't seem to work within AppleScript calls (such as %googlism{%n} ).

# by BlueRevolution on 11/18/04 at 07:08:35

I don't think it's possible because the various IM protocols have to have a concrete string for your away/idle/alias so there's no way to control what a user sees individually. however, it may be possible to do this on a case-by-case basis for autoresponse messages, which is one of the things I'm looking into for the script right now. expect an update when it comes, but probably a few weeks..?, assuming of course that it is actually possible at all.

# by on 12/31/04 at 08:41:03

I noticed on your sample picture that one of your friends has the "currently listening to..." on their status. Is there such a script for Adium that you know of? Thanks, :D

ps. I LOVE this script, so much fun.

# by Michael Houghton on 01/01/05 at 01:18:08

Fantastic. However it seems not to work in the case where there is only one googlism. Try: mieky

# by BlueRevolution on 01/01/05 at 17:37:46


# by on 01/21/05 at 21:36:06

This is so cute!!

# by kristina on 01/31/05 at 04:41:38

i love this thing, it just takes a really long time

# by BlueRevolution on 02/02/05 at 01:47:02

I agree, the problem is that there is no limited number of responses from the site so it has to connect constantly.
however, your comment gives me an idea... I'll see if I can get a better system working. thanks for the input.

# by BlueRevolution on 02/02/05 at 02:54:43

fixed :). now %googlism caches your queries so they'll run faster next time you use it.

# by Jason on 03/05/05 at 16:36:38

ya man i really like this, thanks!

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12.87kb (2366 downloads)

3.40 / 118 votes
Current Version: 1.3
Last Updated: 02/06/05
Jack Gill for the original idea, for helping me with the string handling and for giving me a neat subroutine that makes the names URL-safe; Doug Adams for his help with the cURL call.