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Submitted By Serge Lafont (serge)


Satellae is my second dock icon. It can be described as a small star, or satellite, going around in a circle endlessly. It contains a yellow core and a red glow around it. This is what I was thinking about when I did my first dock icon, Reddie, but somehow I drifted away from the idea.

So, here it is... Satellae goes around in circles endlessly at a steady pace when online, and speeds up considerably when an alert comes on. When idle, Satellae is still; and when away, it is also still, but the core is dimmed. The base mode (app not running, or running but not online) shows Satellae in idle mode (couldn't think of anything else, really :P).

It's a pretty smooth icon, if I must say so myself (yes, that was a pat on the back... hey, if Hollywood can do it, why can't I?!).

Suggestions are more than welcome. Enjoy! ;)

ps. I'm not including an animated preview image 'cause I *really* don't feel like cooking up a .gif right now. If anybody is discouraged by this, please: don't be! ;) If that didn't work and you're still discouraged, then post it here and I'll see if I get around to it. :P



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# by alexz on 11/21/04 at 16:23:23

The best

# by zerozoob on 11/09/05 at 17:40:46

just found this one, i love animated dock icons, this one is real cool !! good work

# by powerbook.g4 on 11/15/05 at 22:03:42

Hey ! kewl one !! thnx a ton for ur effort...

I was just wondering if you could make it with some kinda background (a colored disk for example) as sometimes its pretty hard to see it in the dock...also it'll be great to have Satellae size a bit bigger..


# by serge on 11/16/05 at 00:22:23

Hi, all... I'm glad Satellae has found its way to your docks.

Unfortunately, I'm drowned in work right now, and I see no end to the flow of work. What's more, I'm not quite as interested in making dock icons as much as I was when I came up with this one, so even if I find some time, chaces are I'll turn my attention towards other personal projects. I know it may seem a bit harsh, but I'm just trying to keep it honest.

On the other hand, remember that all of these Xtras are open source, as is Adium. This means that you can go into the source files for any dock icon and alter them as you see fit. If you're really interested in improving this dock icon and have a little time to spare, by all means: give it a try! And when you come up with something you want to share, don't forget to leave a message here so I can go and see what you've done with Satellae.

Take care... and keep Adium alive!

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