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Submitted By Martin Crisp (Hypercube)


Inserts a 'cause of death' from a NetHack logfile into a message.
(Other files named 'logfile' can be used, but results won't match the following description?)


%_killed{ant} => killed by a giant bat
('ant' is matched in 'giant')

%_killed{soldier} => killed by a soldier ant, while helpless

%_killed{goat} => killed by a water moccasin
(no match = choose any)

%_killed{ascend} => 3.4.2 5822918 7 -5 52 273 520 1 20031203 20031012 501 Wiz Elf Mal Cha Foolish32,ascended
(Some lines are special: quit, escaped, ascended... non-deaths! The full logfile line is returned for these. They are never returned for 'null' searches unless they are the only entries in the logfile)

%_killed{null} => killed by a manes, while helpless
('null' returns any death line; other 'contextless search' terms are documented in the "Read Me" file.)

I was %_killed{wand}, once! er... I got better! =>
I was killed by an exploding wand, once! er... I got better!

The script works with logfiles from any of the official Mac binaries of NetHack as well as any other *nix or Mac build which does not patch the logfile generation routines, but even for these it may work. Logfiles from other platforms may need line-endings converted.
The desired logfile must be 'under' a folder which can be selected from a dialog box.

System Requirements:
Adium 0.63 (possibly earlier versions) or Adium 0.72, 'bugs' in other 0.7x versions of Adium interact poorly with this script.

Version History:
1.0 first public release


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# by CaptainObvious on 11/25/04 at 03:15:46

Cool idea, but what are logfiles bro? Understand that not everyone is as up to speed with everything as you are :P lol. Any kind of documentation expected on what a logfile is/ how "a normal user" could make said file?

# by Hypercube on 11/25/04 at 03:42:13

Heh, *the* logfile is where NetHack (a game; a tough, addictive, old, game) records the result of each game. Usually that includes a cause of death.

There's a brief comment or two in the "Read Me" about the structure of those files, and so how to make one.
But the idea is that you play the game and have your defeats recorded in the traditional manner.

If you wish to 'cheat', you can manufacture a 'logfile' by making a plain text file, and including the cause of death after a comma on a line. The script will return the text from after the comma to end of line.

Like this:
This bit ignored,killed by a newt
so is this bit,killed by being very silly
and this,killed by a mob of NetHack devotees, for 'faking it'

Have Fun

# by on 11/26/04 at 00:34:57

# by ixplode on 01/07/05 at 05:29:30

::Sigh:: People always making you do more work to compensate for them.

# by delight1 on 05/12/07 at 19:49:41

lol, very nice ^_^

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Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 11/23/04
None, other than the developers of Adium, NetHack & AppleScript (etc). Oh, and 'Raisse the Thaumaturge' whose .sig is usually a random death.