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Submitted By Mike Barca (MBHockey)


You may find this useful if you are using Adium on your new Mac after switching from Windows and are still used to the buddy list for the PC version of AIM.

Included are the status icons, the list layout, and color scheme.



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# by on 11/28/04 at 16:36:54

Ahhh they're back! ;)

# by MBHockey on 11/28/04 at 17:17:15

hahaha ;)

# by tim on 11/28/04 at 20:53:36

very nice

# by jane on 11/29/04 at 19:59:31

how do i install the status icons? the theme is installed, but i still see the old red and green status dots.

# by spencer on 11/29/04 at 20:47:10

Goto view package contents, then resources, then status icons and replace those with the ones given to you. You could rename the old ones like away1 if you don't want to delete them permanently.

# by jane on 12/01/04 at 20:49:50

thanks. :) very nice theme!

# by Steve on 12/05/04 at 03:10:12 do i get to view package contents

# by MBHockey on 12/05/04 at 18:44:11

ctrl+click (or right click) the Adium icon in your applications folder and select "Show Package Contents" from the contextual menu taht pops up

# by on 12/15/04 at 17:59:22

Very nice. Unfortunantly, Windows sucks, and this brings back too many bad memories of viruses and crashing.....oh god!!!!!!

# by on 01/24/05 at 15:33:03

I replaced the icons in package contents, but the red and green dots still appear even though they have been deleted. What should I do?

# by lauren on 06/19/05 at 17:55:44

i don't think the status icons are formatted properly. it should come up as a .AdiumStatusIcon file
... unless there is a way to make them into one.

# by bukowskimouski on 09/08/05 at 02:50:37

jordan hedlund "Very nice. Unfortunantly, Windows sucks, and this brings back too many bad memories of viruses and crashing.....oh god!!!!!!"

haha, yeah, agreed, this is why i left. but this does look very good other wise.

# by happydnmead on 05/15/06 at 11:33:09

the point is to make a good style bad luck this time

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