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Vergil Extended (Halo ODST)

Vergil Extended (Halo ODST)

Submitted By Alex Samaras (berianir)


This is a sort of extended version of Brad Fantin (182Angels)'s Vergil (Halo ODST) dock icon set. For those that don't know, Vergil is the name of the superintendent AI in the game Halo 3: ODST. I've edited and added to this icon set to attempt to mimic Vergil's actions and moods:

1.) The application icon and the icon when status is set to "offline" is now Vergil's offline mode with eyes closed.
2.) Connecting is an animation between Vergil's confused look and normal look.
3.) Normal online is Vergil's normal look.
4.) Away is a red tinted angry look
5.) Idle is supposed to be an animation between bored and normal looks with a 10 second delay. However, not sure if it is working right or not.
6.) Invisible is a desaturated bored look.
7.) Alert for new messages is an animation between normal and happy with a 1 second delay.
8.) Invisible alert is a desaturated animation between normal and bored with a 1 second delay.

I've also included in the package PNGs of Vergil's sad mood, a desaturated happy mood, and a green version of the angry mood. Feel free to view the package contents and edit the IconPack.plist to switch in any of those if you find them appropriate.


I've also made a menu bar icon set based on this. Vergil menu (Halo ODST)


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Last Updated: 11/23/10
Cheers to Brad Fantin for the original to work from.