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# by norz on 07/02/11 at 13:51:52

Works well, thank you very much! :)

# by norz on 04/12/09 at 09:54:02

# by norz on 04/12/09 at 09:51:59

Thank you, great script! :)

I tried to add a little note symbol (♫): it didn't work in script editor, the script would have to be in unicode I guess. Anyway, adding the symbol directly in Adium settings worked for google talk, but made msn display no status at all. :(

# by norz on 04/12/09 at 09:32:31

Good idea! :)

# by norz on 04/12/09 at 09:30:35

Where does is the current track taken from? From the official client?
I'm using several different apps to scrobble (iTunes, Spotify, foobar2000, iScrobbler), so I'd like to display the same track that is displayed on my profile, is that possible?